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About Company

Laurinda Berry, the founder of Web Lancers Tech, is dedicated to providing top-quality tech installation services that ensure your home and office technology works flawlessly. With extensive experience in tech setup and a passion for innovation, Laurinda offers a range of services designed to meet your specific needs and enhance your tech experience.

At Web Lancers Tech, you will find reliable home network installation, comprehensive smart home device setup, and high-quality audio-visual system installation. Laurinda Berry is committed to delivering professional, efficient, and personalized tech installation services that cater to your preferences and requirements. Let Web Lancers Tech handle your tech installation needs, so you can enjoy the benefits of a well-connected and functional space.

Ensure a seamless and robust home network with Web Lancers Tech’s home network installation service. I specialize in setting up and optimizing home networks, ensuring fast and reliable internet connectivity throughout your home. From configuring routers to setting up Wi-Fi extenders, my expertise guarantees a strong and secure network that meets all your online needs. Trust Web Lancers Tech to keep your home connected efficiently and securely.

Transform your living space with Web Lancers Tech’s smart home device setup service. I handle the installation and configuration of various smart home devices, including smart lights, thermostats, security systems, and more. My professional setup ensures all devices are seamlessly integrated and easy to control, enhancing the convenience and security of your home. Let Web Lancers Tech bring the future to your doorstep with a fully connected smart home.

Elevate your entertainment experience with Web Lancers Tech’s audio-visual system installation service. I provide expert installation and configuration of home theater systems, sound systems, and other AV equipment. From mounting TVs to calibrating surround sound systems, my services ensure optimal performance and a cinematic experience in your home. Rely on Web Lancers Tech to create a perfect entertainment setup that enhances your viewing and listening pleasure.


Laurinda Berry’s home network installation service was outstanding. My internet speed and connectivity have never been better. Web Lancers Tech is the best!

Emily Johnson

The smart home device setup by Laurinda Berry transformed my house. Everything works seamlessly, and it’s incredibly convenient. Highly recommend Web Lancers Tech!

Michael Smith

Thanks to Laurinda Berry’s AV system installation, my home theater experience is top-notch. The setup is perfect, and the sound quality is amazing. Web Lancers Tech is fantastic!

Sarah Davis